Do you have what it takes to bridge the gap between technology and businesses in Africa?

Join Catali Remote Agent Program, work right from where you are, either as full-time or part-time RA.

You can grow with us

We have designed a strategic program that allows you grow your career with us. Work with flexible schedule that allow you to study, do other jobs and still make amazing income.

Who can apply?

Do you have basic computer skills, and you are between the ages of 18-55? If yes, then you can apply.

If you are within the accepted age but do not have basic computer skills, you can take a 3 weeks remote training program with our training partners and become eligible to apply.

What is RAP?

Catali Remote Agent Program further creates viable employment through the training and employment of tech enthusiasts on the functionality and usability of Catali Web Stores.

These agents, or RA-Ms will be assigned Catali Vendors to manage. They will be paid base monthly salary from NGN120,000 up to NGN500,000. The agent can earn even more for performing management functions for the Vendors assigned to them (their clients). Other means of earning in this program includes:

  1. Performing billable tasks.
  2. Client onboarding.
  3. Client advertising.

Who are RAs?

Catali Remote Agents are trained, and accredited persons trusted by Catali Management to handle Customer relationship on their behalf.

Types of RA

RAP offers progressive career growth for her Agents. Once you are productive, promotion is sure for you.

Activators (RA-A)

This is the starting point of an RA’s career in the program. The RA-A’s primary task is to onboard customers to the CWS platform. The Activator can also suggest other RA to join the program.

Managers (RA-M)

The participants in this stage are tasked to deal directly with CWS customers helping them perform activities such as:

  1. Product/service upload & update.
  2. Customer management.
  3. Invoice management.
  4. Advert management.
  5. Logistic management & shipment tracking.

RA Regional Managers (RA-RM)

This career level manages other RAs in their assigned regions. They are tasked to:

  1. Further train RAs.
  2. Follow up on RAs.
  3. Give report to the company.
  4. Suggest RAs for awards and promotion.
  5. Operate RA training center(s).

An RA-RM can earn over NGN 500,000 monthly with official car and housing allowance.

How to apply

  • Head on to the Application Page
  • Complete application form, when accepted you will get an email with login information.
  • Pass basic assessment test.
  • Pay non-refundable application fee of NGN 10,240. This fee may vary if you require applicable skill training from our external training partners.
  • Complete identity & verification procedure.
  • You will get accreditation number.

Application Requirement


Base salary : NGN 120,000

  • Basic sales/marketing skills
  • Basic computing skills
    • Computer troubleshooting
    • Internet browsers
    • Search Engines
    • SEO
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to speak, read and write in English Language.


Base salary : NGN 180,000

  • *All RA-A's requirements
  • Customer service skills
  • MS Office Word
  • MS Office Teams
  • MS Office Outlook
  • Markdown syntax
  • 2 Credible guarantors


Base salary : NGN 500,000

  • *All RA-M's requirements
  • Project Management skills/Certification
  • OND/BSc or equivalent
  • Minimum of 6 Months' Work Experience with the company